Hospial Elevator

Safety starts with you

Hospital Elevator

Hospital elevators are designed for the instant transfer of patients to the medical facilities in hospital. A wide range of car dimensions is available for the varying requirements of a modern hospital.

We took into consideration all factors, involved in the transportation of patients, to design the most reliable medical elevators for hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and other medical institutes.

Our medical elevators are exceptionally smooth and quiet in heavy-duty operation. They employ sophisticated position measuring techniques to map the elevator shaft together with all floor levels. This ensures highly accurate leveling, for safe and easy use. This is particularly important for elderly and disabled persons, and when loading gurneys and wheelchairs.

Benefits & features

  • Corrosion-proof design can bear disinfectant used in healthcare facilities.
  • No electromagnetic disturbance to medical equipment.
  • Battery-powered emergency landing function ensures no patient is trapped ever.
  • VVVF drive system makes transportation smooth and safe.
  • Soft lighting in car makes patients feel calm and comfortable.
  • Spacious design and auxiliary COP make sure our medical elevator is accessible for all.
Various options are available
Speed 1.00 to 1.5 mt / ps
Type of Car One Side View / Three Side View / Half Round View.
Car Finish

Glass with MS Powder Coated Car.

Glass with Stainless Steel Hair line Finish Car.

Glass with Steel Designed & Steel Hair line Finish Car.

Door finish

MS Powder Coated Auto Car.

Stainless Steel Hair line Finish Auto Door.

Stainless Steel Designed Finish Auto Door.

Titanium Gold Designed Finish Auto Door.

Glass With Stainless Steel Framed Finish Auto Door.

Switch Planels Button Surface Micro Electro Button, Touch Button.
Switch Planels Display 16m. USD

Seven Segment Digital LED Display .

Digital Dot Matrix Display. LCD Display.

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